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    MWOBOT is currently under development in a roll-off observatory at the Mount Wilson observatory operated by the Mount Wilson Institute. It may be operated as an operator attended observatory, but it is primarily designed to be  tele-remotely operated, or to function as an autonomous queued observation telescope.

    The observatory's  primary instrument will be a 150mm Astro Physics refracting telescope mounted on an Astro Physics AP1100 mount. The mount is equipped with absolute encoders. The primary imager is a FLI Proline 16803 CCD Camera with FLI focuser and Filter wheel. The filter wheel has L,R,G,and B imaging filters, H-alpha, O-III and Si-II narrow band filters and Sloan g,r, and i photometric filters. The  instrument stack is guided, off axis, by an SBIG ST-402 CCD camera. The instrument below is an Astrophysics 12" f8 Maksutov used for development until it was relocated to LCOBOT, our sister observatory at Las Campanas Chile.

    This configuration shall yield a field of view of  100'x100' with a plate scale of 1.5" per pixel.  It is designed to provide science quality images.  When complete, it will serve as a science imaging platform and education and public outreach telescope for stakeholders.